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This airfield sits in a truely remarkable setting, high above the water and next to one of the most beautiful towns in the UK. Formed as a satellite airfield to Exeter in World War II, Bolt Head Airfield now sees planes of all types come and go throughout the year.

Stearman Landing at Bolt Head Airfield

Stearman landing at Bolt Head Airport

Realistic Sea Bed

Aerial view of Plymouth sound cliffs

The approach is visually impressive and every bit of detail has been modelled to really give the best flight experience on the way in! 430ft above the water and a few fields in from the cliffs, sits the single grass strip. Measuring 600m in length and 24m wide, so there's plenty of room for landing and taking off.

Soar Farm

Soar farm Salcombe

The Cake Place


40 square kilometers of photo realistic terrain have been placed and blended into the sim along with hedgerows, scrub and fences to give a great impression of speed on approach. There's over 200 hand placed models within this addon with most buildings having PBR textures. This offers great lighting effects such as surface reflection and ambient occlusion.

Cessna on final at Bolt Head Airfield

As Salcombe has some truely amazing water clarity, this was something we knew we had to get right. The water mask has been extended accross the estuary, to include the infamous sand bar and surrounding beaches. Another treat to watch as you come in!

Overbecks House

A view of Overbecks House

Starhole Bay

A view of Mount batten, Plymouth

South Sounds Beach

Aerial view of Devonport Docks

Stearman landing At Sunset

Plymouth breakwater fort

The hanger at Bolt Head Airfield runs along side the large Cold War bunker. Modelled like the real deal and usable. You can start your flight from within the hanger, visitor area or runway 29/11. The only things missing are the scones at Soar farm!


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Bolt Head Airfield

Bolt Head Airfield


Scenery addon for MSFS 2020



Bolt Head Airfield Addon for MSFS 2020


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